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Welcome to Training. We offer a variety of customer training to help you get the most out of your ProVenueDatabox, ProVenueMax, or ProVenueConnect  System.


FayeTrainerBespoke Training

We offer onsite bespoke training for all our products, designed to suit your specific requirements so you can be sure you and your staff are well-versed on the areas most relevant to your organisation.


Bespoke training courses run from 10.00am – 5.00pm with a 1 hour lunch break and can be attended by up to 8 people at your organisation. These are priced at £800.00 + VAT per day and any additional trainer expenses.



Web-Based Training 


We also run specific courses via the web. These courses are designed to teach you everything you need to know and at your convenience. They are ideal for users that are already familiar with our products but are looking for a refresh or to learn a new area of ProVenueDatabox, ProVenueMax, ProVenueOnline, or ProVenueConnect.


The courses we offer are:-


Event Management – Price Structure Configuration, Event Creation & Management

E-commerce Management - Configuring and Maximising internet sales using the Gateway Module

Introduction To Marketing & CRM – Overview of the configuration settings and data capture methods. Overview of the Marketing Module and Basic Customer Extractions

Advanced Marketing – Targeted, complex extractions for audience development and efficient communication. Review of Customer and Marketing Report linked to Extractions

Reporting - Analysing your customers, sales trends and organisation as a whole

Box Office - Tips and tricks for new and existing box office cashiers

System Management - Helping managers and supervisors deal with day to day problems such as printer errors and database management

Auditorium Design - Building a Reserved and Unreserved seating plan, configuration recommendations

Membership Management - Configuration and selling of membership. Reporting on and analysing your venue’s members


Benchmarking for Ireland - Designed specifically for our Irish customers taking part in the yearly benchmarking report


Email Marketing 1 - A refresher course looking at how to create e-shots, segmentation and campaign tracking

Email Marketing 2 - Enhanced segmentation, split testing, triggers and auto-responders



Each course takes two hours and can be arranged at a day and time to suit you and your staff. Because it is web-based, staff will remain onsite and no time or expense is incurred through travel or accommodation.


We will also use your own data as part of the training*, to ensure the learning is highly relevant and instantly transferable to your staff.

Each course can hold up to four people and are priced as follows:


One course - £200 + VAT

Two courses - £375 + VAT

Three courses - £450 + VAT


For further information on any of our courses or to have a chat about  your product knowledge please contact our team at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


*Please note that all web based training courses are carried out using a web presentation session and a remote connection to your database. In order for us to provide this we utilise a software programme called Bomgar.  This tool allows multiple users to connect in and see what the trainer is working through. Prior to any web-based training being carried out we will be required to test that the workstations on site to be used for the training are able to connect and run this application.  Please note that it may be necessary for venues to advise their IT Support service of this to ensure that it can be used.


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